How to Make Colorful Beaded Friendship Bracelet for Kids


Friendship bracelet is very fun to make especially if you have your kids enthusiastic to make some for their friends. The exchange of the friendship bracelets is very exciting to do with your best friends. The instructions to make this colorful friendship bracelet is very simple and easy can your kids can also make it by themselves at home.

First, the things you need to do is to prepare the materials. The materials sfor this project are easily got and they are also quite cheap. The materials for making the friendship bracelet are:

  • Jewelry adhesive (optional)
  • Elastic bead cord sized 5mm
  • Letter beads
  • Colorful beads

Step 1. Start collecting the materials for the project and after they are all ready, decide the words or phrases or letters that you want to insert into each bracelet. If it is about friendship, you can add some wisdom phrases or words on friendship. Make sure to use the letter beads wisely as they have limitation on the letters.

Step 2. Take the elastic bead cord and measure the diameter of the wrist by circling the cord around the wrist and cut it. If it is possible, the length of the cord needs to be fitted and not too long as the cord can stretch later on. Just add enough cord to tie the knot later on.

Step 3. Then, tape down the cord end on the table. Tape only one end down. It is to help the kids inserting the beads into the cord.

Step 4. Let the kids thread their own beads. They can use their creativity to choose the beads and make the patterns. They can string the beads based on the color or just pick random beads, it’s up to them.

Step 5. After the beads are completely inserted into the cord, you can help them tying the cord ends to make some knots. Make sure to tie the knot three or four times to fully secure the beads. You can also add some glue around the knot. It is also helpful to strengthen the knot. Then, cut the excess cord from the friendship bracelet.

You can make some more friendship bracelets if you still have the materials. The kids would really love this activity as they can learn how to make their own friendship bracelets and they can make some for their friends. Can you imagine how proud they are when they have completed the making of this colorful friendship bracelet? You should try it, then.