How to Make an Opal Birthstone Bracelet


Opal is a very precious and special gemstone. It has internal structure that can split light. Opal can display various gorgeous colors. Knowing this stunning feature, we need to make most of its beauty. That’s what inspires this project: opal birthstone bracelet. As the result, we can have a gorgeous bracelet that can go with any outfit. Now, here is the tutorial:


  • Beading thread with not really big diameter
  • Nose pliers to make loops
  • Crimp beads and the covers in rose gold color
  • Toggle clasp in rose gold, 1 piece
  • Spacer bead: large, in rose gold color, 1 piece
  • Spacer bead: small, in rose gold color, 2 pieces
  • Strand graduated opal rondelle, 1 piece

Step 1. To start the project, you need to cut the beading thread to 35 cm. After that, thread a crimp bead along with the toggle clasp onto the thread, by passing the clasp back through the bead. Then pull the thread to make a crimp and loop. Cut off the excess thread. Insert a crimp cover.

Step 2. Take the center of the opal by measuring 16 cm from one of its ends to the center. Then divide the opal in half. Take the first half and begin threading the smallest rondelles onto the thread. Keep threading them until you leave the last five.

Step 3. Take your small rose gold spacer bead and thread it on. Then continue threading with the five opal rondelles. After that, continue threading on the large spacer bead.

Step 4. Leave the first half of the opals and take the second one. Take the second half and go from the large thread to the small one on the five largest rondelles. After that, continue threading on the small rose gold spacer bead. Last, thread on the rest of the opals.

Step 5. Get your crimp bead and thread it on. Then continue threading on the toggle clasp by passing it back through the crimp bead. Pull the thread to make crimp and small loop. Cut off any excess thread. Lastly, thread on crimp cover. Voila! You are finished! Your bracelet is ready to use!

So, in all, there are only 5 steps needed to make this opal birthstone bracelet. The bracelet does look simple but stunning. In the next project, you can try vary the color of the beads or you can set a certain design for the bracelet.