A Necklace with Colored Pencil and Wood Scraps Pendant


Step 1. Prepare the materials and tools.


  • Wood stain or wood finish
  • Sandpaper, fine and coarse grits
  • Masking tape
  • Colored pencils
  • Small block


  • Pliers
  • Coping saw
  • Drills

The wood for this project is sized 1” x 1/4” x 5”. You can choose any hardwood that you want. Make sure to choose the wood which is not quite hard as you will sand and drill and saw it.

Step 2. Take the drill bit which has the same size as your colored pencils, especially the diameter. Then, drill the hole on wood surface. You can drill any holes in any place over the block surface. Just make sure that the distance among the holes are not too close to each other and also not to close to the wood edge.

Step 3. Cut the pencils into some parts which represent the same wood thickness. You don’t need to be too precise. Make sure that the length of the pencil is the same as the wood thickness or higher than the wood thickness to be safe. Use the hacksaw to cut the pencils.

Step 4. Flip the wood down and attach the masking tape on the bottom of the wood. Make sure that the tape is strongly attach and also smooth. Then, flip it over once again so that the measuring tape will be at the bottom.

Step 5. Mix the epoxy and make sure that the ratio of resin is correct. Then, after the mixture is ready, insert small amount of epoxy into each drilled hole. Just make sure that the epoxy is enough to hold the pencil piece in each hole.

Step 6. Insert the pencil into each hole. If you use pencils with different colors, you can arrange them anywhere you like. After all holes are filled with pencils, let the wood sit for awhile to dry the epoxy.

Step 7. Take the wood and peel off the masking tape to see if the epoxy is already dry. Next, cut the wood into some thinner layers. For this project, don’t choose the top layer as it is filled with uneven pencil surface. Use the second layer or below it.

Step 8. Prepare the wood layer and sandpaper it. After all surfaces are smooth, start shaping the pendant. You can make the design with the pencil and then cut the wood following the shape that you make.

Step 9. Smooth the edge of the pendant using the sandpaper. After that, start drilling the top surface of the pendant to insert the jump ring. Once the hole is ready, insert the jump ring and also the chain throughout the jump ring. Your wood pendant necklace is ready!