DIY Wood and Stone Stackable Bead Bracelets


Wood and stone bead bracelets are always on trend. They look timeless and exotic, upgrading almost every outfit you can wear. Most people like to wear more than one bracelets at a time, and this is why they are also considered stackable. This bracelet looks fabulous while the making is pretty simple. Check out the tutorial below to learn.


  • 10 mm wooden beads
  • 7 mm gold tone Rhinestones beads
  • Random colored stone beads
  • Gold tone rhinestone spacer beads
  • Sharp scissors
  • Jewelry addesive
  • 7 mm stretch magic elastic

The Making Steps

1Don’t cut the wire yet. Attach one of the cord end to the spool. It will make it easier for you to add the beads. It also effective in saving the cord so you can make more. Before adding the beads, plan the sequence first. It will make it easier and even faster to do it.

When you are done adding the beads, try it out on your wrist first without detach the other end from the spool. You don’t want it to be too lose or too tight. In this case, the number of the beads should define this situation. You can decide how lose or how snug the bracelet will be.

2When you find the beads to be fitting in numbers, cut the cord from the spool. Make sure to add 3 to 4 inches to each end of the cord. You will need it to make the decent tie. Now, let’s try to tie both ends.

Before tying the cord ends, make sure to pull the entire beads so they snug to each other. Take one of the cord ends, and wrap it around the other one. Pull tight and repeat this method 4 times to secure the beads. Then, make loops on your finger from both of the cords and tie both ends to a knot. Make other ties and pull tight to the previous knot so it looks like all of them are one big single knot.

3Now, let’s finish the bracelet. When you are done making the knot, trim both ends with scissors. Trim as closely as possible so the remaining tail will be hidden by the beads. Try cutting the tail and see how it look. Cut more if you still can see the tail. Add a little jewelry glue to secure the knot. This will give the knot extra strength to keep the beds in place. Your bracelet is ready.