How to Make Gorgeous Earrings


General Instruction

The gorgeous earring project will include both wire and transparent beads. Be careful when dealing with the wire. Use pliers instead of bare hands. The sharp edges might cut the skin. Moreover, making wire curl using bare hand will leave pain.


  • Pliers (needle nose)
  • Cutters for jewelry wire
  • Gold headpin fillers
  • Earring hooks
  • gold jump ring
  • Swarovski crystal bicone beads
  • Swarovski teardrop beads
  • Crystalized glass round beads
  • gold and crystal round beads
  • plastic earring back

Step By Step Guidance

Step 1. Start with the first headpin. Put in the biggest crystal drop from the top and place it on the base. Support the bottom of the headpin with thumb and point fingers.

Step 2. Add the gold and crystal bead on the top of tear drop beads. Be careful with the wire.

Step 3. Next, it is the crystal bicone turns. This bead is the smallest among the other beads. Add four of them into the wire.

Step 4. It is time to create the second headpin. Make sure the teardrop bead is smaller than the first one. Otherwise, the combination might ruin the aesthetic view.

Step 5. Take the silver crystal beads and put it on top of the tear drops.

Step 6. Similar to step 3. Put less crystal beads to the pinhead.

Step 7. Make the third headpin. The teardrop beads used in this headpin should have the same size with the second one.

Step 8. Slide in silver glass bead.

Step 9. Add crystal bicone to the wire. Three beads are enough.

Step 10. Cut the excessive wire using wire cutter. Make sure to leave enough length to make a loop in the end of the wire.

Step 11: Take the pliers and place it on the end of the pinhead. Turn it over to make a loop. Check again whether the pinhead has been closed properly.

Step 12: Repeat the procedure to the other two head pins.

Step 13. Check the length of the headpins. The middle one should be the longest among them all.

Step 14. Take the jump ring and twist it to one side using pliers.

Step 15. Lock all the pinhead in one ring.

Step 16. Hang the joined pinhead to the earring hook.

Step 17. Close the ring gap tightly. Now repeat the process from the beginning for the second earring.