The DIY Bijoux Tutorial on Making a Handmade Blue Fish Pendant Necklace


Are you a fan of a cute pendant necklace? Are you also a fish lover? The tutorial here is all about making a handmade blue fish pendant necklace. The highlight of this handmade necklace is the bead in blue color and in a heart shape. Around the pendant, there a couple of pearls that makes it even more stunning. Make your own soon!

  • Prepare all the materials and tools. They are: blue heart bead, 2 kinds of white round pearl beads (one is 8mm and the other one is 6mm), silver copper wire with the size of 6mm, silver aluminum wire with the size of 1.5mm and another one with the size of 1mm, lobster clasp, jump rings, and twisted chain, all of which are in silver. Then, you will need needle nose plier, diagonal plier, and round nose plier. Also, you will need stainless steel scissors.
  • Insert a 1 mm aluminum wire through the hole of the blue heart bead. Then, wrap the bead’s left part using the wire. Continue wrapping through the heart bead’s back side and also along the bead’s right part.
  • Make a couple of twisted helical loops from the aluminum wire. Twist the wire on the heart bead’s surface. Then, fix the wire and cut off the excessive wire. See the picture to see how it is done.
  • Now grab the 0.3mm copper wire and snick it off. Then wrap it using the aluminum wire and thread a smaller pearl bead through the wire. After that, twist the aluminum wire so you can fix the peal. Now, add another bead but now using a bigger bead. Twist the aluminum wire and add another smaller pearl once again. Fix the pearl to the wire.
  • Repeat doing step 3 to add the pearls on the heart bead’ other side. See the picture to see how it is done.
  • Grab your 1.5mm aluminum wire and cross the wire through the blue bead. Make 2 twists at the two wire’s ends as shown in the picture.
  • Insert two pieces of chains. Then combine the two ends of those two chains using lobster clasp and also jump rings. Finally, connect the blue fish pendant to the jump rings.
  • Your blue fish pendant necklace is done now! You can make the pendant as a choker too if you want. Just simply use shorter chain for the necklace. Look at how beautiful it is!