Learn How to Make Earrings From Low Cost (and No Cost) Supplies

Learn How to Make Earrings From Low Cost (and No Cost) Supplies

General Tips

While preparing for the paper earrings project, the jewelry makers might want to consider the type of paper used. Since the theme is about low cost supplies, they could start searching from the work space area. Make sure that the paper chosen is quite thick. Thinner paper might require more rolling.


  • Several sheets of plain white paper (8.5 x 11cm)
  • Several colorful and permanent markers
  • A ruler
  • One pieces of craft knife and glue stick.
  • Wood Hardener
  • One permanent marker (black)
  • A box of toothpick
  • Flower wire for jewelry thread
  • Several used papers to catch the dropping paint
  • Two pieces of eye pins (2mm)
  • A box of silver beads (4mm)
  • A pair of earring hooks
  • One pliers (round tip)
  • One wire cutter

Step By Step Guidance

Step 1. Make measurements on the paper. The ideal size is 1 inch x 10¾ inches. To save time, simply draw the boxes using permanent marker. Don’t worry about leaking in. The bold line is barely seen in the finished product.

Then, draw the earrings pattern on the other side of the paper. There are a lot of designs provided online. The jewelry makers could also draw their own favorite pattern.

Step 2. Take the toothpick and press the roll the paper around the tooth pick. Then, slowly pull the tooth pick. Don’t forget to glue the outer end to keep the paper tube in the shape.

Step 3. Using the permanent market, doodle the top and bottom part of the paper tube. Make sure there is no white base seen from the both ends. Pick any color for this part.

Step 4. Now it is time for hardening process. Avoid using cheap glue for this purpose. Lead a thread into the middle part of the paper beads. Dip the beads into the wood hardener and allow the beads to dry. It works five times better to harden the paper beads. In addition, the substance also gives glossy effect.

Step 5. Take the eye pin. Let the paper beads slip through the eye pin. Add two pearls in the end of each side. Don’t forget to cut the excessive wire using wire cutter. Leave ¼ inches on the top area.

Then, use pliers to make loop and attach the beads to the earring hooks. Repeat the process for the second earrings.