How to Make Multi Strand Beaded Necklace



Prepare the materials. For this project, the materials that you need to collect are:

  • Bead design board (optional)
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Soft beading wire (0.14 bronze or 0.19 bone)
  • Gold chain
  • Gold clasp
  • 4 gold jump rings
  • 2 gold hammered linking rings
  • 6 crimp covers
  • 6 crimp beads
  • 18 round gold spacer beads
  • A mixed of round beads

Step 1. Make the patterns of beads in three layers. You can use the bead design board if you like. You can lay the beads on the beading mat. If you use the beading mat, don’t forget to bend the bead row upwards for the bead strings to be nicely draped later on. Place the large beads as the central of the bottom string. Then, the higher the string is, the smaller the beads are. So, the third string of beads will have the smallest beads in the center.

Take the fourth smaller beads as to make the extension of the string on both end of each layer. Use the gold spacer to separate the bead pattern as you can see in the picture. Make some necessary adjustments on the bead patterns until you feel that the designs are already suitable and beautiful for you.

Step 2. Take the wire for about 16” long. Then, wrap one wire end throughout the hammered link and then secure the wire end with the crimp bead.

Step 3. Cover the crimp bead with the crimp cover so that it looks nicer and tidier. Make sure not to press the loop when you cover the crimp bead. If you do, the hammered link can be look messy and twisted.

Step 4. Start stringing the top layer of the necklace into the wire. Make sure to follow the pattern that you have previously made. Then, string the wire tail near the hammered link inside one bead near the crimp cover. Cut the wire tail as close as you can so that it will be hidden inside the bead.

Step 5. Then, after all first layer of beads are being thread into the beading wire, secure the wire into another hammered link. You can see the picture as reference.

Step 6. String the remaining layers of the beads by implementing the same steps. Follow all patterns and string all the beads as just what you have planned before.

Step 7. After all bead layers are attached into the hammered link, now it is time to add the chain. You can measure the length of the necklace by wearing the necklace to see how long you want it to be. Then, cut the chain and insert one end of the chain into the hammered link using the jump ring. Repeat the process for the other end of the chain.

Step 8. Insert the clasp into both ends of the chain as seen in the picture. After the clasp is being inserted, your multi strand necklace is ready. Enjoy!