Men’s Jewelry – A Style Shift


Buying jewelry for men can be tricky for you. It takes lots of time to decide which one is suitable for you, how much jewelry should the man wear, how to match the jewelry, and even how to keep the masculinity while wearing the jewelry, and so on. The jewelry which is simple and neutral is a great choice to showcase the men’s statements.

The Cuff

As men are now fond of wearing jewelry to showcase themselves, the choice needs to be right and perfect. The important factor when choosing men’s cuff is its scale. You need to consider whether you will wear some small pieces of jewelry or one big chunk of jewelry to make yo look masculine and stylist. The style of a man can be seen from everything that he chooses and wears everyday.

Nowadays, men tend to choose jewelry made of silver. The stylist men who are wearing silver earrings are absolutely able to steal every woman’s attention. However, the men’s jewelry is not all about earrings and rings, but it also deals with necklaces and bracelets. It’s quite good to see men wearing something other than rings and watches.

Wrist Accessories

Besides rings and watches, men are now fond of wearing other accessories for their wrists. Although most of them still wear expensive watches, they add some colors by adding more accessories like cufflinks and bracelets. The design of these wrist accessories are also able to create bold, impressive and stylist statement. The jewelry for men’s accessories is also in sleek designs using metals, titanium, diamond, cable, rubber, stainless steel, etc.

Stainless Steel

Among the materials used to make men’s jewelry, the most popular choice is stainless steel. The reason is that this material is durable, strong as well as resistant to any scratches. The appearance of this material doesn’t change from time to time. The price is also affordable for most men.

Men can wear stainless steel jewelry almost every time even when doing some sports or traveling. This metal jewelry is also suitable for any formal occasions. The jewelry made of stainless steel is like pendants, chains, bracelets and rings which are not easy to break and is also strong.


This jewelry item is rich of oxidized look and has become another favorite. The material is also strong and not easy to scratch. The criterion of tungsten is almost similar with titanium. Titanium itself is durable and strong. It has its own charm for cool feel and look. You can have black titanium or any other colors from the anodizing process.