How to Make An Easy Delicate Twisted Wire Rings


As a ring lover and a ring wearer, you must always want that collection of ring that matches your finger well. But somehow, your favorite shop cannot facilitate that due to the limited collection. Well, you don’t need to worry as you can make your own ring! Here is the tutorial of making an easy twisted wire ring that you need to try!

  • Prepare all the materials for the project. They are: 0.8 mm wire, chain nose pliers, cutting pliers, nail file, and ring mandrel.
  • Cut the wire to the desired length. In this example, the wire was cut to 15 inches or 30cm. The length of the wire definitely needs to match the size of the rings. So, before cutting the wire, make sure you already get the right size of the ring that you usually use. If you plan to make more than one ring for different fingers of yours, measure every finger that you want to ring later. After that, roughly fold the wire in half to make a shape of a fish.
  • Twist the tail of the fish and then bend the ends of the wire outwards.
  • Twist the fish body while you are holding the tail of the fish.
  • Continue twisting until you make the long wire having a little bobble at its end.
  • Then, wrap the ring mandrel with the wire so the ends of it crossing.
  • Start twisting the ends of the wire to each other so you can make a spiral knot.
  • Cut the excess wire off.
  • Using a nail file, file the wire’s ends and then using a chain nose pliers, squeeze the ends of the wire close to the rest of the knot.
  • Now your twisted wire rings are done! They are ready to beautify your fingers!
  • If you want your rings to look differently, you can polish them before wearing them. To polish the rings, you can use a Dremel and polishing wheel. You can also use some compound for polishing like jeweler’s rouge.
  • To polish your nail, you need to load the polishing wheel. Then, turn the Dremel to the lowest setting and run the rings on the machine’s rouge. The polishing wheel then turns red.
  • When doing this step, you need to anchor the rings using your thumb. Otherwise, the rings will spin. Make sure you polish inside and outside of the rings.