How to Make Tassel Earrings


Tassel earrings are probably one of the best earrings you should consider to have. It actually passes great fashion statement and it adds a little wow factor on your overall outfit. If you don’t want to buy it, the following guide will help you to make the best pair. Here we go.

The Materials

  • Embroidery floss or satin string, at least 2 yards of it
  • Earring loops or wires, you’re going to need a pair
  • One pair of end caps
  • One pair of posts for long earring
  • Super glue
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Small wire cutters

The Making Steps

1Take the satin string or embroider floss and cut them into 6 to 7 inches strands, set aside. Make at least 20 to 30 strands on the same length, or just enough to make a full bunch. It depends a lot on the string texture. Gather them together and fold them into two. Tie the fold tight using one of the string in the middle. When you are done making the tie knot, trim the tip of the knot for neat finish.

2Take one of the end caps. Insert the earring post through the middle hole. Secure the bunch by tying the knot into the post end loop. Also, tie the tassels bunch through it until it is secure enough. When you are ready, apply some glue at the cap end. Pull it on the other end of the earring post until the tassels bunch is well snuggled and fit into the cap.


3Take the pliers and use them to create a loop. The loop should be big enough so the post won’t slide through the hole. Make a tight bind at the ends. Now, make a loop out of your earring wire. In alternative, you can make other loops through the previous loop you already made on the cap top. If it still loses, secure it with the pliers.

4Basically you are done making the earrings. Give it a test and feel if there is anything to be tightened. Use the pliers if your earrings still need to be more secured. Hang the earrings and see carefully if the strands are still on the same length. Trim the tips of the strands to make sure they are on even length for both earrings.


  • Satin string creates more dramatic look for this earrings even though embroidery floss is fluffier and cuter.