How to Make Wire Snake Ring


Making our own accessories will surely add a pride when we are using it. Among all tutorials of making jewelry out there, here is a tutorial of making a unique ring that is made in a form of snake. This ring is not difficult to make as the materials needed are only copper wire, citric acid, and gas burner. However, you may need to invest around 3 hours to make. But don’t worry, it is worth the time!

Making the Base

  • Cutting thicket wire (diameter around 1.3mm)
  • Leave some centimeters free from one of the wire’s ends and then cut about 2/3 of the wire thickness using needle fire or graver. Bend the wire and then solder the wire’s tip.
  • Bend the wire edges with pliers and then solder the joint.
  • Sharpen the wire’s tip using needle file or graver and sand it.
  • Make the form of the ring by wrapping the wire around a cylindrical object.
  • Bend the wire ends to form waves with pliers.
  • Sharpen the wire’s tip using needle file.
  • Sand the tip carefully and take your pliers to wrap the spiral.
  • Hit the wire’s tip using a small hammer and then remove all the uneven surface by sanding it.

Making the Muzzle

  • Choose a stone bead and then insert it into the snake’s head. Wire the bead into the base.
  • Add another two copper beads to make the snake’s eyes.
  • Make a small cut of the wire and make it blank. It is for covering the eyes and the beads.
  • Solder and sand the wire cut
  • Tape the wire cut to the head.
  • Slightly bend the backwards as shown in the picture.
  • Grab other small beads and add them one by one to the edges. Then, decorate it using winding wire.

Wrapping the Ring’s Base

  • Take the second piece of the wire, the one with the diameter of 0,8mm. Then, sharpen the wire’s edge, sand it, and twist the wire to make a spiral as shown in the picture below.
  • Pass the ball under the wire’s tip, the one which becomes the head’s upper element. Then, wind the ball to the base.
  • Grab a long piece of wire (diameter of 0.3 mm) and start twisting both wires with the 2×3 winding.
  • Continue working with the wire around the snake’s entire length.
  • Reach the tail’s tip, cut the excess off, sharpen it, and place the tail inside the big spiral.
  • Polish the ring using citric acid.
  • Clean the ring using dishwashing detergent and patinate it.
  • Enjoy your hard work!