How to Wire Wrap Beach Glass


Do you have plenty beach glass? Don’t just keep them unworn! Turn them into a jewelry that can spice up your outfits. What you need to do is simply wire wrapping them. What you need to do it are a couple of basic tools for wire wrapping, some wires, and one or more sea glasses. Garner attention from other people by making a simple piece of beach glass jewelry!

Step 1

Prepare all the materials and tools. The tools needed in this project are round nosed pliers, wire cutters, and also flat nosed plier. Besides, you need to purchase a wire that is strong enough to give enough support to the piece of your sea glass on a chain.

Choose your design. Before starting to wrap the pendant, you need to determine the design that can complement the sea glass piece and the design that can hold and secure the pendant in place. After that, you need to determine the length of wire needed for such design.

Step 2

Make the first bail. To make it, you need to decide the location of the bail in advance. For the example, in this example, for the pre-determined design, the location of the bail needs to be 1/3 from the right wire’s end.

The bail was then made into a looping shape. Make the loop using the one jaw from the round nosed pliers (3A). Then, twist the wire around the wire itself (3C) and finally wrap the wire’s shorter side around the other end for about 3 or 4 times (3B).

Step 3

Make a curl at the first end. First, grab the shorter wire’s end using the round nosed pliers and then cut the wire’s end to make a closed loop (see picture 4A). Then, continue curling until you make your desired size of the curl (see picture 4B).

Step 4

Next, start the wire wrapping. First, place the wire on the sea glass’ back side. Then, bend the wire to make the both ends wrap the front side of the beach glass (sea picture 5A). Next, flip the piece of the sea glass and continue wrapping the glass’ longer end as you desire it to be. Make sure that the wrapping is done to perfectly secure the glass (see picture 5B).

Step 5

Finally, make a curl at the second end and finish off the wire wrapping. Use the remaining wire’s end to decide how much wire’s length is needed for the final wrap. The final wrap is the one for the sea glass’ front side and to make the desired size of the curl that is used to finish the pendant piece. Then, cut off all the excess wire.