How to Make Wooden Bead Tassel Bracelet in Easy Steps


If you are new to this jewelry making, you can start making this wooden bead tassel bracelet as it is very easy and super quick to create. The bracelet will look so clean due to the wooden beads as they are raw without being painted. The combination of the tassel also makes the bracelet stylist and wonderful.

Step 1. The materials

What you need to prepare for this super easy bracelet are:

  • Strong glue (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Jump ring
  • Embroidery floss
  • 1/4” wooden beads
  • Stretch jewelry cord

Step 2. Measure the diameter of the bracelet by circling the cord around the wrist. Give additional 6” cord. This additional cord will be used to tie both ends of the bracelet. After you get the exact measure of the wrist diameter, you can start stringing the wooden beads. Keep stringing until all beads are able to circle your wrist.

Step 3. Take the embroidery floss and then cut the floss into half from its center. Cut only one end of the floss.

Save one half of the embroidery floss and take off one string. Then, set it aside as you will use the string later on.

Step 4. Remove the cover circling the floss and then unfold it. Take the jump ring. Use the pliers to open it up.

Step 5. Insert the embroidery floss into the jump ring and adjust the position of the floss. Make sure that the floss is right in the center. After the floss is centered, close the jump ring using the pliers.

Step 6. Take the string that you have been saving before and use this string to wrap the top of the tassel. Wrap it three to four times. Tie the tassel top with the string and make the knot.

Step 7. After the tassel is being knotted, cut the remaining string from the knot.

Step 8. Insert the beaded cord into the tassel top. Grab the bracelet ends and make a double knot to hold it in place. Cut the extra cord. You can also add the glue to strengthen the knot. The look of the wooden bracelet should be like in the second picture.

Step 9. To finish the wooden tassel bracelet, you can take the scissors and cut down your bracelet tassel to make it more tidy and even. Make the adjustment on the length of the tassel. It is based on your preference. Now, your wooden tassel bracelet is ready.