Unique Beaded Leather Bracelet for Women


The trend on the jewelry making is the use of irregular cut and natural stones. These natural stones are very suitable to create casual and elegant look every time. You can use the stones to make bracelets, earrings, necklaces or rings. But, in this tutorials, the natural and irregular stones will be used to make unique bracelet. However, the price of these kinds of stones is quite expensive. But it’s worth it with the final look of the accessories you make. The material for the bracelet is leather cord.

For this tutorial, the materials that you need to prepare beforehand are:

  • White beading thread
  • Natural stone strands
  • Leather bracelet with snaps

Step 1. Take the white beading thread and cut it for about 20” long. This thread will be used to string the stones into the leather bracelet. If the thread is not quite long enough and during the process you need another thread, you can always tie another thread in. Now, start beading the stones into the leather bracelet. Start inserting the strand end throughout the first hole of the leather and insert three beads. Pull the thread slowly throughout the opposite hole of the leather bracelet and secure the thread by making a double knot on the other side of the strand. Then, cut the excess thread.

Step 2. Move the thread into the next hole and start stringing three beads. Pull the string back throughout the bottom. Continue doing this process until all surface of the bracelet is covered with the beads. If you encounter problem with the thread fraying, you can try dipping the loose end of the thread into the glue. It will help keeping the thread end solid and unravel so that it can thread the beads easier for you.

Step 3. After the thread has reached the bracelet end, you can tie the thread off using double knot. Don’t forget to cut the excess thread from the bracelet back. Now, your beaded lather bracelet is ready to wear. Beautiful, isn’t it?

You can also make another model of the bracelet using another beads. Or, you can also try using different materials other than leather bracelet. You can do the experiment using wires or threads.

Are you confident to make this bracelet for you at home? Don’t worry! The steps are very easy to follow and you can also implement each step easily by yourself. You don’t have to be jewelry making expert to make this simple bracelet.