How to Make Circle Hoop Earing


Being a fan of earrings somehow requires us to keep collecting new design of earrings. If you are currently in the need of getting a new one, don’t shop! You can make your own earring. All you need is simply wire and few basic jewelry making tools. The steps to make it are also only few. The design of the earring absolutely depends on your preference. Just see the following tutorial as your guide!

  • Prepare all the materials you need for this project. They are: 1mm wire, a chasing hammer, flat nose pliers, a ring mandrel or any cylindrical object whose size is as you desire, round nose pliers, and a cup burr or a nail file.
  • Before continuing to the next step, you need to determine the size of the hoop. You can measure your ear or simply copy the size of hoop earring that you have. After deciding the size, wrap the wire around any cylindrical object that has you desired size or a ring mandrel. Wrap the wire for a couple of times at the right point.
  • Cut the wire. As shown in the picture below, make sure you give additional 2cmm or give the wire an overlap of two centimeters.
  • Make a loop at one of the wire’s end using round nose pliers. Hold the wire’s end in between the points of the two pliers or around the middle of them. After that, make a loop by turning the wire at 90 degrees to the wire’s side.
  • Grab you flat nose pliers. Using the tool, bend the wire at 45 degrees and to upward direction. To do the bending, you need to hold the wire’s other end at the same point as the point of the loop.
  • Slot the end of the wire to the loop. Then trim the wire’s end to a rough 5mm.
  • To make your hoop earrings more beautiful, you can insert some beads into the wire. In the example shown in the following picture, there are some navy blue beads used to decorate the hoop earrings. While a simple design of hoop earrings is already enough, you may play with a more sophisticated design. However, one thing to remember is that you better not load the wire with the beads fully. Simply insert the beads until it covers the half loop as shown in the picture.