How to Make your Own Teardrop Hoop Earrings at Home


Step 1. Prepare the supplies. Before starting the project, it is better to collect all materials and all tools that are needed for making these teardrop hoop earrings. Here are things that need to prepare:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Anvil and chasing hammer
  • 4mm Czech glass beads
  • Earring hooks
  • Gold wire sized 24 gauge
  • Gold wire sized 16 gauge

Step 2. Take 16 gauge wire and measure it for 5 ½” and then cut it using the wire cutter.

Step 3. Twist the wire to make the shape of teardrop. The shape doesn’t need to be perfect at the moment, later on you can reshape it during the making process. Take the needle nose pliers and twist both wire ends heading outside part into 90 degrees.

Step 4. Then, at each wire end, make a loop with round nose pliers. Make one loop stays straight and another loop is being bent sideways. Leave a small gap on the sideways loop as it is going to be attached into the straight loop later on.

Step 5. Drag the sideways loop nearer to the straight loop. Then, attach the sideways loop into the straight loop’s neck.

Step 6. Close the small gap of the sideways loop by pressing it closer using needle nose pliers.

Step 7. After the ring is ready, place it on the anvil and hammer it using the chasing hammer to keep the wire shape steady and firm.

Step 8. Take the wire sized 26 gauge and measure 12” length. Then, cut it using wire cutter.

Step 9. Bind this wire circling into the middle side of the teardrop earring for at least eight times.

Step 10. Then, thread the beads into the wire. Keep continuing threading the beads until reaching eight inches long.

Step 11. Start binding the beads circling the teardrop earring shape. While binding the beads, you can apply the tape on the wire end so that the beads won’t fall off the wire.

Step 12. Continue binding the wire until the beads reach the other middle side of the teardrop earring shape.

Step 13. Then, bind the extra wire without the beads to make the same binding as the opposite middle side. Bind the wire for eight times.

Step 14. Cut the leftover wire off with the wire cutter. Hide the wire end inside the bead bundle.

Step 15. Open the top loop up using the needle nose pliers and insert the erring hook. Then, close it again using the pliers.

Step 16. Make the matching pair of the earrings. Yes, your teardrop earrings are ready!