Leather Bracelet with Alternating Silver Beads


This bracelet is a charm yet it is pretty simple to make as well. You can follow the steps below to make one by yourself at home.

Step 1. Prepare the supplies

The supplies to make this leather bracelet with beads are quite simple. You need to prepare:

  • Required tools: needles, scissors, and clips or clothespins
  • Optional tools: glue, thread conditioner, needle threader, bead fix
  • 4 or 6mm round beads
  • Leather cord
  • Thread
  • Bead or button

Step 2. Decide the length of the bracelet and then cut the leather to length. Double the length and also add some additional length to make the knots. If you want to make single-wrapped bracelet, you need to measure your wrist and triple it to get the length of the leather.

For example: 7” wrist = 21” leather. If you want to make a triple-wrapped bracelet, you need to multiply the wrist measure by seven. For example: 7” wrist = 49” leather. To be safe, it is better to have longer leather so that you will not run out of it during the making process.

Step 3. After the leather is set, take the thread and cut it for about 10 to 12 feet length. Then, thread the needle and knot the thread ends.

Step 4. Knot the thread and the leather altogether. Leave the loop at the end. Hold the thread by its knot and let the needle falls to make it centered into the thread.

Then, fold the leather into two equal parts and leave the loop to be large enough so that the button can fit into it. Hold the knot end of the thread and the leather, and tie them all together to make them connected to each other.

Step 5. Attach the loop into the cardboard top using clothespin or binder clips. Then, attach the leather ends into the cardboard bottom using the second clip while leaving the thread loose.

Step 6. Work on the thread which is in the middle of two leather strands. Wrap the thread with a rhythm: above the right to outside, below the right, above the left to outside, below the left, above the right.

This is the way to make simple number-8 stitch. Repeat the rhythm five to six times, then, pull the thread tightly around the leather to make some binding.

Step 7. After the binding is set, now it’s time to add the beads. After below the left, add the bead. Keep the bead tightly between two leather strands and stitch above the right, then back below the right, back through the bead hole one more time, and above the left.

Repeat this step until all beads are attached into the leather. Make sure that the stitches face the same direction. When the threads are to snag so much, apply the thread conditioner.

Step 8. Finish the bracelet by making the same binding as previous stitch with no beads like step #6. Then, insert the button or the bead. Generally, you will have some remaining leather to tie the bead or button with some good knot at the back and then trim the ends.