DIY Wire Ring


Step 1. First bind

Take the wire and bind it into the ring mandrel to measure the ring size. Bind the wire two times so that each wire end will face different direction. If you don’t have the ring mandrel, you can use some metal socket bits. These metal socket bits work very well as you can hold the bit ends while bending the wire to create any bellybutton. You can also use any marker as long as the size is similar to the size of your finger.

Step 2.  Make the twirl

To make the smooth and nice bellybutton perfectly in the ring center, you can use your forefinger and thumb at a twirling motion. This method is almost similar to using the screwdriver when you want to make small twirl on the wire. If you use your hand, you can easily adjust the bellybutton on the mandrel whether you want it to be in clockwise direction or in counter-clockwise direction.

Step 3. Finish the wire twirl

Make a smooth and nice arc circling the first wire center. You can use your thumb to press down the twirling at the center and use another finger to bind the wire. The advantage of using soft wire in this project is that this wire can be easily formed or shaped. It can create a smooth and nice arc.

You can also make the wire twirl wider by circling the wire one more time. It takes two twirls to make this wire ring. But, you can make as many twirls as you like. As the ring will have double band, it is suitable if you also have two twirls.

Step 4. Adjust the ring

You can make any adjustments on the ring whenever you find that the ring is crooked. You can adjust the bellybutton by placing the pliers under it with the ring are still at the ring mandrel. Give some pressure on the bellybutton as this action will flatten out the ring. Repeat this action for both ring sides.

Step 5. Get rid of any overload wire

After you obtain smooth and nice bellybutton, cut the remaining wire from the ring. Give some extra wires at both ends as you will need them to make some curls later on. File the wire ends away. To cut and to file the ring, take the ring out of the ring mandrel.

Step 6. Finish the ring

To complete the ring, you can insert the wire ends below ring surface. Make some curls on each wire end using the pliers. After the wire ends are hidden below the bellybutton, use the pliers to secure the bellybutton by pressing the arc slightly. Check the ring loops. If they are not aligned well, you can use your fingernails to pull out the wires slightly until the loops are back to normal.