DIY Knotted Macrame Bracelet


Step 1. To make this simple macrame bracelet, you need some supplies. They are as follows:

  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Charm or connector
  • Chinese knotting cord sized 0.5mm
  • Optional: flat nose pliers and lighter

Step 2. Cut the knotting cord into several lengths. Make two strings of cord sized 30 inch, two strings of cord sized 20 inch, and one string of cord sized 10 inch. Take two strings of cord sized 20 inch. Fold each cord into half size. Then, make the loop and pull it throughout the ring. Fold the loop over the ring and then pull all the remaining cord throughout the ring. Repeat the same step for the opposite side of the ring. These strings will become the base of the bracelet.

Step 3. Take the 30 inch cord and put it below the middle strand each. Make sure that the 30 inch string is centered. Concentrate on one side first. Fold the right side of the 30 inch cord above the basic string and below the left side. Pull the left side below the right and middle string and throughout the right side loop.

Step 4. Pull the string tightly and then slide the first knot upward below the ring.

Step 5. To make the second knot, fold the left side of the string above the basic string and below the right side of the string. Then, pull the right string below the left string and the basic string throughout the left string loop.

Step 6. Pull the second set of string tightly and then repeat the step no.3 up to step no.6. Make sure that the arrangement is fixed and not being reversed. Start from step no.3 and move to step no. 5. Continue stringing the cord until you get your desired length for the bracelet. The clasp will probably take half an inch.

Step 7. To secure the knot, string one end of the cord into the needle and then sew it over the backside of the knot. Take at least three or four knots to sew on.

Step 8. After one side of the strings is finished, continue dealing with the other side of the string. Make sure to repeat the process from the stringing up to the sewing.

Step 9. Cut the excess cords from both side of the bracelet. You can melt the string tips using the lighter to help sealing the string for more hold. Do the same step for both ends of the strings.

Step 10. Now, it is time to connect both ends together. Take the cord sized 10 inch and place it below the strings. Make the square knot that has been used previously.

Step 11. Stop when you have got half an inch and then sew the knotted cord below the closure. Then, cut the excess ties.

Step 12. Adjust the basic strings to your wrist size and then tie each end of the basic string into knots. Then, cut any excess strings. Your knotted macrame bracelet is ready to wear.