New Handmade Resin Bracelets Embedded with Flowers and Plants


A new masterpiece has been created today. A renowned designer Sarah Smith recently introduced her latest creation on crystal clear resin bracelets that feature frozen natural things for the details. Almost all manners of plantlife is used on the bracelets, making them a time capsules to enjoy. Check out the following bracelets which make the highlight of her handmade bracelets.

  • A Little Desert in a Bracelet

This one features three types of plantlife, from stone to flowers and trees. It even features sandy base, giving the bracelet a captured mini desert in it. It looks totally stunning and dramatic at the same time. The colors added in this bracelet look warm and very earthy. It is simple yet brilliant at the same time.

  • Earth Tones

These four bracelets look unique. Each of them offers different details in it. Two represents green details from different kind of leaves, while the rests feature wooden skin from two different trees. They all look exotic and brilliant, almost surprising if we don’t look closely on the details. While they look good together, each of them makes a brilliant piece individually.

  • Charm Fall

It is actually hard enough to tell if this bracelet is about the fall season. It seems like those leaves and blooms are gathered even before fall, but it is hard to imagine this color for other season. The combination of the color reminds us on the delight of plant life throughout the years, really fresh and vibrant at the same time.

  • Shades of Pink and Purple

This bracelet shows nothing but the combination of purple and hot pink from the flower petals. The details are set on certain arrangement, offering a look at the purple petals then hot pink flowers with repetitive pattern. It is chic and romantic, making it a delightful piece to look at.

  • Roots in the Bracelet

This one is even more earthy than the others. It features roots detail in it. The natural color brings the entire details alive and very mystical. The elements are perfect even without any twist or addition in it. It looks almost masculine while it displays the best start of a life in the wilderness. It is perfection with heavy value to admire.

There is no jewelry like this so far. These bracelets are enormously precious with the plantlife details. It is modest as well as sophisticated at the same time. For those who love antural things, this is a masterpiece someone can’t miss.