Beachy Boho-Chic Pearl Earrings


Summer is going to come this year. Now, it is time to relax yourself and let the Bohemian style dominate your appearance. You can start making some boho chic accessories to accompany your summer holiday. You can wear your boho chic accessories especially your handmade pearl earrings to accompany you enjoying the summer breeze. These boho pearl earrings are very easy to make and it doesn’t require much time to make.


The supplies needed to make these boho-chic pearl earrings are:

  • Glue
  • Ear wires
  • Four 10mm Swarovski pearls
  • Two jump rings (choose split rings or soldered jump rings)
  • 12” of 1mm leather

Check the hole of each pearl. Some of them may not have perfect holes which make any leather hard to be inserted and also make the string part is also difficult. Fix imperfect holes in the pearls. Take a reamer to fix this problem.

If you happen not to have any reamer, you can use round nose pliers or even a pencil to fix the holes. You just need to push down the pliers or the pencil into the hole to make it smooth enough for the next step.

After the preparation process is completed, now it is time to make the earrings. Follow these simple steps and you will find that these earrings are totally easy and simple to make.

Step 1. Cut the leather to length. This project uses 6” leather length. You can add the length of the leather if you want to have longer earrings than these ones. You can also reduce the length of the leather if you like to have shorter earrings.

Step 2. Slide one jump ring into the leather and keep the jump ring into 2 ½” lengths. Although this leather seems to be a shorter strand, it will be the longest in the end.

Step 3. Fold the leather into two from the location of the jump ring. Make sure that when you fold the leather, you have two leather lengths. One part of the leather is 2 ½” length while the other is longer than this.

Step 4. Take the longer strand of the leather and cross this leather above the shorter strand. Leave ½” gap distance from the jump ring.

Step 5. Now, wrap the long stand around both strands once. Make sure that the loop is always open. Use your finger to keep it open.

Step 6. After the first wrap, continue wrapping the strand for about three or four times closer to the jump ring. Make sure that the loop is always open until you have 1” the strand tail.

Step 7. Slide the 1” strand tail inside the loop in opposing direction from the ring.

Step 8. Next, you need to tighten the leather knot carefully while keeping the loops not to cross over each other.

Step 9. Slide the leather knot until it reaches the ring. You now have one shorter strand and another 2 ½” strand.

Step 10. Thread each pearl into each strand. Glue the bottom of the strand so that the pearl is not going to slide off the earrings. Then, insert each earring hook into each jump ring. Your earrings are now ready to use.