Men Sterling Silver Feather Wrap Ring


While feather is mostly associated with delicate details, it can be an excellent detail for a man ring. Depending on the design and finish, it can look manly while it stays sophisticated as it shows delicacy at the same time. If you are considering wearing one, these rings will amuse your taste.

Full Swirl Feather Wrap Ring

This ring is quite unique as it features a full swirl after the feather shape. This kind of design commonly offers adjustable size for you, making it a valuable investment for jewelry. There are delicate lines on the feather shape, making it looks even more real. This ring commonly has good wrap as well.

The Eagle Beak

This ring has a full circle on it in which the circle plays part of the feather bone. On the tip of the feather, you get the eagle beak accent that makes the entire design even more sensible and manly at the same time. The structure of the ring alone is already sturdy so it makes a perfect combination on the delicate details of the feather.

Full Feather Wrap

This ring is the combination of vintage look and modern design. The clean and smooth shape is totally a modern touch. The feather and all of its details display a perfect vintage touch on a ring. While it looks sophisticated and expensive, it looks manly and melancholic at the same time. The best part of the ring is the feather details on both tips.

Feather with a Little Tail

This ring is also different to the others. It looks like the ring is made of a wrapping feather in silver finish. The entire design is made like feather shape with the bone is a little longer at the end. The lines are perfect for detail and it looks simple and original.

Feather Double Tips

This piece feature even different design. While the other ring features only one feather, this ring is made of a bone line with two feathers on the tips, one for each tip. The feather is small enough, making it looks less aggressive but it still manages to look manly at the same time. If you like sophisticated and delicate design, this is your champ.

In sum, feather wrap ring doesn’t always belong to the ladies. Even men can wear this ring as long as you choose the right design and details. So, which one of the rings above you like the most?