Mens Gold Ring with Oxidized Brushed Brass Detail for Exquisite Style


While most gold ring presents elegance in the same way, shiny and smooth surface, it is a new trend for a man to wear a gold ring that has oxidized brushed brass on some part of the ring. While it looks rustic, some people find it majestic, like you inherit it from a long royal blood line. Check out these rings for instance.

The Hexagon Ring

This ring is a perfect combination of light and comfortable with sacred and strong look. The hexagon details make it like a ring of certain clan or ancient sect. The shape of the ring alone is already perfect fit for most fingers, making it a sophisticated accessory for an elegant person. It shows melancholic culture while it stays manly.

The Carpe Diem Ring

This style is actually very famous and common today, but this ring looks particularly different. While other rings will appear on its shiny and smooth details, this one wears oxidized brushed brass with almost nothing but line of the brushes. It looks very antique and old while it is actually new. This ring gives you an impression of an important person.

Gold Signet Ring

While this ring is famous for the pinky finger, you can actually wear the bigger one on other fingers too. This particular ring has gold band on it while the face of the ring features balck resin for ultimate manly look. To make the ring even more sophisticated, it gets oxidized and brushed brass on it, making it look ancient and inheritable.

The Square Face Ring

Unlike the other previous ring, this one looks bold, strong, very masculine, and tough. The ring is entirely finished with oxidized and brushed brass for darker color. Meanwhile, the face features square shape instead of other shapes. It makes the finger looks bigger and stronger. This is a perfect ring for those who are looking for a tough and manly look.

The Triangle Ring

This ring wears a unique triangle hollow face that makes you look like you belong to a certain gank or sacred sect. The oxidized brushed brass gives it a mysterious look while the whole design looks tough and manly. This is a perfect ring for almost all men, from young to old, and it makes perfect fit for every outfit too.

Ring can be a statement and final touch of your look. Don’t be afraid of looking too melancholic. Choose one of those rings for inspiration and wear one while staying manly.