How to Make Red Jade Bead Hoop Earrings


Step 1. Materials and Tools

The materials and tools to make these beautiful red jade bead hoop earrings are:

  • 3mm white glass seed beads
  • 3mm gold glass seed beads
  • 8mm natural red jade bead strands
  • Fishing thread nylon wire
  • Iron earring hooks
  • Brass wire
  • Sharp steel scissors

Make the main part of the earrings. Take the thread nylon wire and cut it for about 40cm length. Then, slide ten red jade beads into the thread nylon wire.

Step 2. Tie the ends of the nylon wire until all red jade beads are tight to each other and are in place. Tie the ends of the nylon with one end longer than the other. This longer end will be used to slide the glass seed beads later on.

After the wire is tied up, hide the one cutting end inside the red jade bead. Make sure to tie the nylon thread ends as tight as you can to avoid any loose.

Step 3.  Then, after the main part of the earrings is ready, it is now the time to add the glass seed beads around the red jade beads.

First beads to be attached into the red jade beads are the golden glass seed beads. Take the loose wire that is attached into the red jade beads and slide six pieces of golden seed beads into it. Then, insert the end of the nylon wire into the inside of the second bead so that these golden beads are circling the outer part of the first jade bead.

Then, make sure that the wire is at the other side of the second jade bead. Take another six pieces of golden seed beads and repeat the same step.

Step 4. Continue this step until all odd positions of the red jade beads are circled by the golden beads at their outer parts.

Step 5. Continue filling the nylon wire with white seed beads. Use the same step as #3 and start circling the even numbers of the red jade beads with white seed beads.

Step 6. Continue the wiring until all even jade beads covered by white seed beads.

Step 7. After all red jade beads are surrounded by the golden and white seed beads, attach one red jade bead on top of the earrings and insert the wire into the hook hole. Then, after the hook hole is being inserted by the wire, run the wire one more time inside the top red jade bead.

Step 8. Then, pull the wire until the top red jade and the hook are tight into the main earring part. Then, tie the wire tightly. Make sure to check if all parts are in place and not loose.

Cut the wire and insert the cutting end inside the bead. Use the same steps to make one more earring so that you have one beautiful pair of red jade bead earrings. Good luck!