Men’s Bracelet – Men’s Infinity Bracelet


Step 1. Before starting the project, it is better to prepare the materials first. What you need to prepare for this handmade infinity bracelet are:

  • 2-3 jump rings
  • 1 lobster clasp
  • 2 ribbon crimp clamps
  • 1 arm length of cotton cord sized 1 mm in beige
  • 1 arm length of cotton cord sized 1 mm in cream
  • 1 arm length of cotton cord sized 1 mm in red
  • 1 arm length of cotton cord sized 1 mm in black

Step 2. The knot for this infinity bracelet is a triple knot. But you can make it double depending on your preference. The knot implemented in this project is usually called nautical knot or sailor’s knot. Let’s make a single knot first.

Prepare all four strings of cords.Make the twisted cord. You need to hold two string altogether on each ends. Roll the strings’ ends using the thumb and index finger. Roll the cord ends on the right in clockwise direction while the left cord ends in counter-clockwise direction. Continue rolling until the cords start buckling in the middle. Then, fold the cord into half. Don’t forget to knot the cord ends.

Step 3. Do step no.#2 for all four cords. Make sure that you use two pairs of cords to make one rolling knot. In this project, beige and cream are one while red and black are one. The final look of the cords after being rolled is like in the picture.

Step 4. Now it’s time to make the knot. Take one cord, the beige one, and fold it into half. Then, cross one cord end all over the other cord to create small loop.

Step 5. Take the red cord and also fold it into half. Insert the cord below the beige loop that is previously made.

Step 6. Bind the red cord above the beige cord top and then below the beige cord bottom.

Step 7. Next, we will double back the steps from the loop. Bind the red cord end above the beige loop’ first side, below the bottom of the red cord, and above the beige loop’s other side.

Step 8. Tighten the knot carefully. You can also leave the loose ends to make the knot stays flat.

Step 9. You can loosen up the knot to make the third loop. The step is just as easy as to add one more loop. Make sure to undergo the above and below patterns identically.

Step 10. After the knob is ready, you can trim the ends by applying some glue on both ends of the cord and crimp using a ribbon clamp.

Step 11. Insert the lobster clasp into one cord end and insert one jump ring on the other cord end. Tada! Your infinite bracelet is ready to wear!