Handmade Bohemian Jewelry


General Tips:

The jewelry makers need some time before they could thread the paper beads together. It takes effort and patience to roll similar size beads. Once they are done, the jewelry makers could feel the artistic vibe from this creative craft project. Be prepared to roll many papers. Rushing the process will ruin the beads.


  • two pliers (round nose and cutting)
  • 28 pieces of purple pearl beads (blue moon pattern)
  • 24 pieces of spiral silver beads (even metal beads)
  • 12 pieces of silver beads (even metal beads)
  • 6 pieces of bead tubes (3mm, blue moon tubes silver)
  • 4 pieces of coil memory wire (silver)
  • 12 pieces of paper beads (tubular shaped)
  • the pattern for paper bead (available online)
  • cutting equipment (knife, scissors, cutter, ruler)
  • toothpicks (round and wooden)
  • a bottle of petrified wood hardener
  • a glue (stick shape)
  • wire (floral)
  • container or bowl (for the wood hardener)

Step By Step Guidance

Step 1. Go online and find the pattern for purple beads. Make sure to pick the printable version, so there is no disturbing watermark on the pattern.

Now print the pattern on a thick A4 paper. The jewelry makers will get 12 squares on the paper. Cut them into individual squares. Use knife and ruler to get straight cut. It is also possible to cut the pieces using cutter or scissors. Work with the most comfortable equipment.

Step 2. Apply a thin layer of glue on one end of the paper. Make sure it is applied on the white surface, not on the purple bead pattern. Put a wooden toothpick and roll the paper around it. After the paper has been rolled, apply another thin layer of glue on the end of the paper to keep the shape.

Allow the glue to dry. Gently, pull out the wooden toothpick from the rolled paper beads. Repeat the process so the jewelry makers get 12 pieces of purple beads.

Step 3. Dip the paper beads to wood hardener liquid to make it solid and shiny. Wash hands immediately if the solution gets on them. Avoid contact to the eyes as well.

Step 4. Take the memory coil and make a loop at one end using the pliers. Follow the order of beads shown in the picture. Stack six beads sets to the memory wire. Pull the beads tightly to leave no space. Make another loop at the end side.