Tutorial on How to Make a Silver Waist Chain with Wire Wrapped Heart Ornament


If you have some jewelry wires and silver cross chains, you have been able to make simple chain jewelry with some wire binding ornaments. As in this project, the waist chain is being completed with some heart ornaments. There will be some easy steps on how to make a handmade waist chain decorated with heart wire wrapping shape.

Supplies for the project:

  • Side cutting pliers
  • Long nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • 8x12cm glass drop bead
  • Iron jump rings
  • Iron lobster clasp
  • 5mm copper wire
  • Silver cross chain
  • 5mm silver aluminium wire

Step 1. Prepare the silver aluminium wire and cut it for about 7cm long. Create a small loop in one wire end. Then, bend the wire to make a heart shape using the pliers. Make sure that the wire end is hidden below the loop neck tightly.

Step 2. Cut to pieces of aluminium wire in the same length. Then, at each wire, make a small loop. Shape the rest of the wire into S scroll. Make two pieces of it.

Step 3. Take 0.5mm copper wire and cut two pieces of wire at the same length. Use each wire to tie each S scroll into each side of the hearth shape.

Step 4. Your first part of the heart ornament should be like the picture.

Step 5. Take the aluminium wire and measure for about 15cm long. Cut the wire at this length using the wire cutter. Bend each wire end to make a loose-fitting scroll then shape the wire so that it will have V shape at its center part.

Step 6. Take 0.5mm copper wire and cut two pieces of wire in the same length. Use each wire to attach the V shaped scroll to the bottom side of the heart ornament especially below the S shaped scroll. The position of the V shape can be seen from the picture. The wire binding is also seen from the picture. Make necessary adjustments if needed.

Step 7. Insert the glass drop bead throughout the headpin. Then, at the headpin top, make a small loop using the pliers. Leave small gap to attach the loop into the center of V shaped scroll.

Step 8. Attach the glass drop bead into the V shaped scroll center. Close the gap by pressing the loop using the pliers. Make sure to maintain the loop shape.

Step 9. Take the silver cross chain and cut two pieces of chain in the same size. The length of the chain is based on your personal preference. Insert one jump ring into each chain end. Later on, you will have four chain ends with four jump rings. Then, insert one end of each chain into each ornament loop.

Step 10. Insert another chain end into each end of the lobster clasp. Yes, now your silver chain with heart ornament is ready!