Chanel Pearl Necklace


Who doesn’t know Chanel? This is one of the hottest fashion brand many people love! In order to get the highest accessories quality it offers, the buyers need to dig deep into their wallet. Luckily, there is a way to get the look without buying: making the carbon copy of the jewelry!


  • around 20 inches of freshwater pearls, white tone (you might need longer strand for longer necklace)
  • around 20 inches of chinese crystals, clear tone (second option: swarovski crystal)
  • one clasp, double strand
  • a pack of beading wire
  • a dozen of crimp tubes
  • a set of jewelry pliers
  • a set of wire snips

Step 1

Measure the exact length of necklace that you want. Remember that both necklace will be twisted. Calculate this into your measurement as well. It is better to make the necklace slightly longer than shorter.

Step 2

Get the wire ready. You need to snip the wire on each end. Make sure to provide enough space. If you are not sure yet, make it slightly longer. Repeat the same process to the wire in crystal strand.

Step 3

Put the prepared crystal and beads together on the table. You pass halfway of the process.

Step 4

Take the crimp tubes and pliers. Apply enough pressure to the crimp tubes for a minute. A pliers usually have large and small scoop. Make sure the pliers hug the tubes properly: large part on the bottom and two smaller scoop on the top.  Refer to the picture if you need more guidance about the proper position.

Now you have to make perpendicular move while holding the tube. The “U” part in the tube should be completely shut.

Step 5

Be careful when doing the process. If you fail, you need to change the crimp tube and start again from step 4. The goal of this step is putting together the crimp tube and the clasp using the beading wire. In order to do this smoothly, you need to lead the wire going through the clasp, then go to the crimp tube. After that, pull the wire and leave just enough space to lock them.

The tricky part is not pulling the wire too hard or too tight. Twist the wire gently. If you fail, the crimp tube will snap out. The ideal look for the wire would be a good supporter for the beads without too much leftover space.