How to Make DIY Lace Earrings


DIY lace earrings are now offered on so many shops, boutiques, and even bridal salons. The romantic and chic look is totally gorgeous while it fits well on many outfit style from casual to formal. Commonly they are offered on a little over priced tag. If you are a frugal, this can be a problem. Do you know that you actually can make the earrings by yourself and you still can manage to get the same gorgeous look? It takes only a few minutes, and you can match it with your dress if you want to. If you are interested in DIY-ing these earrings, check out the following guide.

The Materials

  • Your selection of lace bits
  • Two of earring piece
  • Two of jump ring
  • Mod Podge Stiffy

The Making Steps

1Take the lace and cut it into two twin bits as you want it. Make sure to cut it close to the edge of the shape to create neat and professional look. Always use sharp scissors because the dull one tends to leave messy thread ends that require further trimming. When you are done cutting, set aside.

2Take the lace bits and lay them over a plate, Mod Podge silicone mat, or an aluminum foil. Coat the lace bits with the Mod Podge and make sure to coat the entire surface. Do it for both sides of the bits. When you are done coating the lace bits, immediately hang it to dry. This process will make the bits firm and stiff.

3When the bits are dry, add the jump ring on the lace bits. Then, carefully add the earring pieces on each of the lace bits. Basically, you are done by this step. If you want some more twist you can combine glue and glitter, and apply it on both sides of the lace bits.


  • In alternative to Mod Podge Stiffy, you can also use Mod Podge Gloss for the lace bits. Apply it with the same procedure and use paint brushes to apply it. It is also imperative to quickly peel the lace bits and hang it before it is dry and stuck into the layer.
  • It is recommended for you to cut with the patterns of the lace. It makes it simpler for you to create the shape and to cut in consistent length and width for the earrings. Following the thread will also make it easier for you to make fine and neat cut without messy tips.