DIY Beaded Necklace with Fabric Tassel


Supplies and Tools

  • Leather cord
  • Pre-beaded necklace
  • Jump rings
  • Leather swatch
  • Large wooden bead
  • Scissor

Step 1. Now let’s make the tassel first. Take a piece of the leather swatch and fold it so it makes two the same side. Then, cut the tassel using the scissor. The width of each cut is actually up to you but this project takes a little wide cut for a little drama. Make sure to cut just far enough from the fold because this is where the jump ring will go.

Step 2. When you are done cutting the tassel, you can open the fold. You will find yourself symmetrical tassels on both side. Now cut the tassel pieces right in the middle of the fold. It will result in two similar pieces.

Steps 3. Now you two strips of tassels. Continue the process by layering them on top of each other as you can see on the picture below.

Steps 4. Take the leather cord and cut it into 8 inch string. Tie the layered tassel with this string. Make sure to tie it securely and tightly.

Step 5. Next, we are going to thread in the wooden bead. Make sure the bead has wide enough opening on it. Then, thread it in on both of the sting ends.

Step 6. When the wooden bead is secure enough, take a larger jump ring and thread it in the same way. Take it to the wooden bead.

Step 7. Take both ends of the string and insert them in into the opening of the wooden bead. This can look tricky but it’s not really. The jump ring will dangling and it is how it should be.

Step 8. When you are done, take each end of the string into different sides. Then, you flip the tassels so it gets upside down. Next, tie both ends of the string again twice and tightly. The knot should be on the tassels underside. Then, trim the remaining string or cord.

Step 9. Now, you can trim your tassels. You don’t need to trim them if you don’t want them to have the same length. If you want fuller look, trim your tassel short, and the opposite for a thinner looking tassels.

Step 10. Next, lets add the jump ring. Thread in the bigger one first then continue with a smaller one. Give it a pressure with your finger and keep it open this way so you can add the beads.

Step 11. When the jump ring is well attached on the tassel part, open it wide so it will slide to the beaded necklace easily.

Step 12. Now pick a center point on the pre beaded necklace and slide the jump ring in there. You can also bead the necklace yourself if you want to. Once the tassel set is in the center, give the jump ring a little pressure to lock it.

Step 13. Check again if the attachment is secure enough. If it is, then you are done making the necklace.