DIY Statement Necklace


Step 1. Prepare the supplies for making the statement necklace below:

  • Felt (or any similar material)
  • Tape
  • Large toggle clasp
  • Two end bars with nine holes each
  • 26 jump rings
  • 18 crimp beads
  • Soft flex beading wire
  • Wire cutters, crimp pliers, small pliers
  • Beautiful beads

Step 2. Prepare at least five different strings of beads. This project uses seven different strings of beads. From right: sage fresh water pearls, faux-mate glass pearls, round Amazonite sized 8mm, crystal chain, turquoise glass beads, white fresh water pearls, and aqua seed beads. To create the same look, you have to use different strings of beads with different texture and color.

Step 3: Start measuring the length of the necklace by circling the measuring tape around your necklace. This project uses 17” measurement. Then, cut the soft flex wire by adding 8” more from the next size because you will need some extra wire when you work with the beads. Prepare nine pieces of wires, each will be inserted into each hole of the bar end.

Step 4. Take two end bars and start adding each hole with the jump ring. These jump rings will be very useful in holding all the bead strings. Don’t forget to close the jump rings perfectly using the pliers. Fill all holes of both end bars with the jump rings. One jump ring, one hole.

Step 5. Then, make a jump ring chain to attach each end bar with each toggle clasp. In this project, 4 jump rings are chained each other. These chained jump rings are also very useful in providing additional length to work with the toggle clasps later on.

Step 6. Plan the arrangement of the strings for your necklace. As the end bars have nine holes, you can double two strings. Here, the double strings are the faux glass pearls and the amazonite.

Step 7. Prepare the soft flex wire to be inserted into one bar end. String the wire with one crimp bead. Then, string this wire throughout one jump ring and back again throughout the crimp bead. Secure the crimp bead using the pliers to make it totally tight.

Step 8. Make nine pieces of wire and crimp bead. Then, after all nine pieces are ready, insert each of them into each hole of one bad end. The look of one end bar should be like in the picture.

Step 9. Start beading the pearls and beads based on the arrangements that you have made previously. After you finish stringing the beads, tape the string off to prevent the beads running off the string.

Step 10. Finish all the strings of beads and don’t forget to tape all the strings off.

Step 11. Now, twist all the strings slowly until you get your desired formation of the beads. Then, keep the strings in u shaped position to form the necklace. Decide which string needs to go into what hole of another end bar.

Step 12. Insert all the strings into the second end bar. Take one string, get rid of the tape, add a crimp bead, and insert the cramp bead into the end bar hole’ jump ring. String the string back throughout the jump ring and then pull it tight. Crimp the bead and cut the excess wire. Repeat the step for all strings.

Step 13. Finished! You have made such a gorgeous statement necklace. You now are ready to show off your necklace.