How to Make Simple Cuff Bracelet for Men


Step 1. Prepare the supplies

For this project, prepare the supplies that will be needed to complete the project. This cuff bracelet is basically quite an easy project. Before moving on how to make it, let’s list the supplies that you’re gonna need.

  • Bracelet bending bar or pliers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Metal alphabet
  • Design stamps
  • Metal texture hammer or stamping hammer
  • Steel stamping block
  • Long rectangular stamping blank
  • Stamp enamel

Step 2. Make the design for the cuff bracelet.

Take the stamping blank and lay it onto the stamping block. Use the stamps and the hammer to make the design of your cuff bracelet. If you want to take the easiest way, you can use the textured hammer to stamp all surfaces of the stamping blank. If it is the first time you deal with the textured hammer, you can do it perfectly as the patterns are all up to you. A texture hammer costs less money than a hammer with alphabet stamps.

Step 3. Engrave some words or messages.

After creating the base pattern for the cuff, you can add more design by using the alphabet stamps. You can engrave any words like your favorite phrase, memorable dates, song lyric, or any other meaningful words or messages for you. When you want to engrave the words, start from the middle blank. Then, move your work outward. It is to make sure that the words are centered.

Step 4. Shape the cuff bracelet using the bending bar

After the design is ready, the next step is to bend the stamping blank using the bending bar to form the bracelet. Bending bar is a piece of metal which has one arched end. The bar is also long and flat. When you want to use this tool, hold the bar and put one end of the stamping blank into the notch of the arched end.

Hold the other part of the blank using one hand while the other hand press the opposite side and bend it along the arched area. Then, flip over the blank and repeat the same process. By doing so, you have created even and smooth cuff shape.

Step 5. Shape the cuff bracelet with nylon jaw pliers

If you don’t have the bending bar, you can use the jaw bending pliers. Start bending the blank from the middle part by placing the blank inside the pliers and then squeeze it slowly. The pliers will curve the blank based on your preferred shape. Repeat the process on the entire blank and bend them little by little until you get your desired form.

When using the stamping blank, the size of the cuff bracelet will be in one size only. But, you can always make any adjustments by bending it in or out to fit into your wrist. It is no secret that the cuff bracelet is the easiest bracelet that you can make and is also adjustable.

Step 6. Color the words

If you use the alphabet stamps, you can do this step, that is, coloring the words to make stronger impressions. The easiest way is to color the words with black marker. But, you can also use black enamel. Fill the words with black color and wipe off any excess with jewelry shining cloth or paper towel.