DIY Stone Ring Projects for Girls


Before starting the project, you need to prepare some supplies. The supplies to make this stone ring are as follows:

  • Soft wire sized 26 gauge with seven to eight wire length
  • A stone that can be fitted into the wire sized 26 gauge
  • One metal ring bar, choose the bar with one size larger compared to the actual ring size
  • Flat nose pliers

Step 1. Take the wire and measure the length for about one arm long. Then, take the metal ring bar and start binding the wire circling the bar for several times. Maintain the consistency of the tension on the wire. After some binding, align your binding so that the gaps between the binding rows are not too big. Better check after each binding.

Step 2. Continue binding the wire until all metal ring bars are covered with the wire. Then, after all bar surface is covered by the wire binding, flatten the wire ends with the pliers.

Step 3. Check the ring top. This top of the ring is where the wire ends meet each other. As to cover these wire ends, you can attach the stone onto it. Start binding one end of the wire strongly into the existing binding.

Step 4. Hold the ring bar to make the long wire end in front. Bind this long wire into the stone and later on drag this wire across the ring top. Check if the stone sits flat onto its position and then drag the wire down the stone backside.

It is to lock the stone in place. Start binding the wire by dragging it across the front part of the stone near the right part. Don’t forget to maintain the wire tension all the time.

Step 5. Bind the wire across the stone backside slowly with a clockwise direction. Keep the wire low so that it doesn’t reach the top of the stone quickly. Make the base circling the stone firstly. You can bind the wire ups and downs several times until you get a perfect thickness of the stone base.

Step 6. After finishing the binding, leave one inch extra wire on the side part of the stone to finish the project.

Step 7. pull the wire end very tightly with flat nose pliers. Make sure that the end will go under the previous bound rows. Trim the wire end at not easily seen position. Find the cutting point near the binding so that the end won’t be hitched on the skin or clothing. Flatten the wire ends using the pliers.

Step 8. Fix the uneven gaps on the ring bar with the fingernail until all gaps are evenly distributed.