Handmade Jewelry Craft Ideas


Handmade jewelry is originally hard to come by but many crafters post their ideas and tutorials and the result are genuinely stunning. While it looks unique and radiant, these jewelries normally have no duplicate unless you make it so. If you want to try making one, the following ideas are great to try.

  • Wedding Necklace with Ribbon Detail

This necklace is a combination of many handmade flowers. All the flowers feature embellishment on arranged patterns, offering the most intricate handmade detail that shows sophistication. Unlike usual necklace, the neckline uses ribbon with soft colors to match the occasion. Gathered together on two layers layout, it makes a stunning addition to your wedding outfit.

It requires you to make the entire details first using drawn pattern. Then, you enrich the look from there with the embellishments. The necklace pattern will require a platform below the details. From there, everything is tied together with the ribbons of your choice.

  • Friendship Bracelet

Friendship bracelet is usually made for a certain group of people as remembrance on their bold bond on to another. It comes with many designs and details, depending on personal preference and group choices.

The examples here feature a loom work with rainbow colors. It makes a fun, young, and stylish bracelet that fits better for casual occasion. Meanwhile, the basic mint rope bracelet features cross detail, making it a stylish pirce with simple finish to admire. You can also opt for the chain bracelet with crochet details covering some parts of it. Each of them is brilliant and wonderful to wear.

  • Byzantine Bracelet

This piece is simple and is easy to make as well. It features metal rings details all over of its place. Instead of going plain as the design, you can also use other color for the combination so your bracelet gets a little twist on it.

This is a perfect piece for more romantic occasion like date or mother day celebration. However, it takes longer time to make and you need patience to work on each part of the details. It takes time but it is fairly easy to make if you know how. It’s a perfect piece for the calm soul.

As you can see, handmade jewelries are a piece of arts that are possible to look utterly good and stunning. You only need good ideas combined with the right tutorials to make it. Are you ready for your first piece?