Easy Adjustable Spiral Ring Tutorial


The adjustable spiral ring is very easy and simple to make. You just need to use small wires, some tools and, of course, your muscle. So, to start the project, gather these following supplies:

  • Mallet
  • Ruler
  • Wire cutter
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Ring mandrel or any tool which has ¾” up to 1” diameter
  • Soft wire sized 24 gauge
  • Soft wire sized 16 gauge

Step 1. Prepare 16 gauge wire and measure it for about 6 inches and cut it. Make two pieces of 6 inches wires. Then, flatten both pieces of wires.

Step 2. Then, prepare 24 gauge wire and measure it for 14 inches. Cut the wire in its 14 inches. After the wire is ready, take two pieces of 16 gauge wires and insert this 24 gauge wire end inside the two pieces of wire link.

Then, start binding the wire circling the larger wire to tie ring shape. Don’t let any sharp ends poking out off the bundle.

Step 3. Maintain the wire bundle in parallel position. Then, bind all parts of the wire circling the ring mandrel. Bend the wire ends into two different sides.

The top wire ends are bent upward into such soft curve. The two bottom wire ends are bent downward also in soft curve.

Then, take the wire off the ring mandrel. Split the wires to create some gaps between each of them so that you can create the spirals.

Step 4. Concentrate on two top wire ends. Cut the wire ¼” from the inner part. It is to make the top wire ends having different length. Then, for the opposite wire ends, cut the wire also ¼” but from the outer part. You can reverse the cutting if you want your spirals facing the opposite directions.

Step 5. Take the round nose pliers to make small hoop at each wire end. Then, after the hoop, create the spiral. Make sure that the height of the spirals on each side should be different. At one side, one spiral should be higher than the other. You can create tight spirals or open spirals.

Step 6. After the spirals are finished to be made, put the ring back into the ring mandrel. Use the mandrel to flatten and harden the ring.

You can use any soft or plastic mallet to knock the ring. After the hardening and flattening part, your spiral ring is ready to wear. Enjoy!