How to Make a Cone Shaped End Cap for Wire Jewelry


To make the cone shape bead cap, you can easily use the paper clip. But, of course, you can always use the wires. If you use any wires, make sure that the wire size is adjusted based on the bead size that you are going to use. If the bead is small, then it is better to use small wire as well.


As you know, before starting the project, all you can do is to prepare the supplies. To make your own cone shaped end cap, you need to have:

  • Cutters
  • Pen or any tool which can be used to bind the wire
  • Paper clip

While to make the pendant or earrings, you need to prepare:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Headpins
  • Beads

Step 1. Open the paper clip up. No need to straighten it as you only need to make sure that the paper clip can be easily wrapped circling the pen head. While binding the pin around the pen head, make sure not to put so much pressure on pen top as the ink comes out.

Step 2. Trim off the extra clip ends that you no longer need. It will be easier if you have already obtained the cone shape design. If you don’t, when the cap is already set, you might want to try it on the bead to see if it is properly fitted.

Step 3. Attach the cone shaped end cap into the bead. For example: you want to make beaded earrings. To make one earring, you need to prepare two beads with different sizes. Choose the beads from the same colors.

Then, connect these two beads using the headpin. The order is the larger bead at the bottom, the cone shaped bead cap, and the smaller bead with the larger bead at the bottom. Or you can reverse the order. Check to see if the beads have been put correctly into the bead cap holes. Make some adjustments to make the cap being stabilized between the beads.

Then, after the cap is in proper position, make the top loop. This loop will be used to attach the earring hook. Make one more pair of the earrings using the same steps from step #1 to #3.

If you want to make the necklace, you just need to attach the chain into the top loop of the bead. Don’t forget to attach a jump ring at each chain end. Then, insert the clasp to connect each chain end. Yeah, your necklace is ready!