How to Make a Pair of Purple Rhombus Glass Bead Drop Earrings


General Tips

In order to make pretty purple rhombus earrings, the jewelry makers are suggested to use different shades of purple. However, it is not good to take all purple beads and accessories. Put another color to liven up the tone. In this project, the pairing color is gold. Feel free to change the color on the next project.


  • 26 pieces of purple round Mashan Jade beads (10mm)
  • 40 pieces of amethyst gemstone (8mm)
  • lavender blush Abacus Jade Beads
  • 30 pieces of golden round beads (3mm)
  • a pair of golden headpins
  • a pair of golden eyepin
  • a pair of earrings hooks
  • transparent fishing wire (0.2mm)
  • scissors for stainless steel
  • needle nose pliers.

Step By Step Guidance

Step 1. Cut 100cm long of the transparent fishing wire. Then, take four pieces of 8mm amethyst gemstone and lead the wire into each pieces.

Step 2. Make a knot using the wire. Remove the exceed wire from the structure.

Step 3. Add three amethyst gemstones to the free wire.

Step 4. Lead the wire to make a hoop. Bring it into the two gemstone beads; one in the first structure and another in the newly added structure.

Step 5. Take two lavender jade beads and one gold round bead. Thread them to the structure, starting from the lavender, then gold and another lavender in the end.

Step 6. Bring the wire to the closest amethyst gemstone. Then, add another lavender jade bead.

Step 7. Lead the wire through the bottom and middle part of amethyst gemstone structure.

Step 8. Repeat step 5. Then add two more lavender blush jade beads. The result should be a pretty flower crown.

Step 9. Put one amethyst gemstone and one round bead on the golden eye pin. Then bring the pin in the middle. Add another gemstone and gold round bead from the other end.

Step 10. Using the pliers, make a hoop on each end.  Make a cut if necessary.

Step 11. Let the wire pass through the flower crown. Add one lavender beads.

Step 12. Push the wire to the bottom amethyst gemstone and then to the gold round bead. Add another lavender bead and repeat the process for the top part.

Step 13. Take out the golden headpin and add one lavender jade bead, a golden bead spacer and the purple machan jade bead.

Step 14. Make small hoop on one end of the headpin. Use the straight end to hook itself on the rhombus bead structure.

Step 15. Add earring hook. Do the process to build one more rhombus earring.