How to Make Spirit Earrings in Gold with Beads in Wire Wrap


To make these shining golden wire wrapped spirit earrings with beads, you have to prepare some supplies. These handmade earrings will be explained in details step by step. You can easily follow the steps and also able to make your own earrings at home. The supplies for this project are:

  • Stainless steel scissors
  • Diagonal pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Golden headpins
  • Golden eyepins
  • Golden twisted chain
  • Golden copper wire sized 0.3mm
  • Golden aluminium wire sized 1.5mm
  • Blue Mashan jade beads sized 8mm
  • Blue Faceted gemstone beads sized 12mm
  • Blue Cat eye drop beads sized 14x10mm

Step 1. Take 1.5mm golden wire and create one hoop at one wire end. Then, bend the hooped wire into shaping a triangle. Look at the picture to see what it means. Make sure that the wire is like what in the picture. Continue bending the rest of the wire to make one more triangle shape along with its hooked wire end.

Step 2. Cut one piece of 1.5mm golden wire and curl each wire end. Attach this hooped wire piece into the previous shaped wire. Use 0.3mm copper wire to tie the hoop into the first shaped wire. Look at the picture to see the position of the first hoop.

Step 3. Bend the second wire so that the second hoop end is attached into the other side of the first shaped wire. Don’t forget to tie the hoop using 0.3mm copper wire.

Step 4. Tie any linking parts between first and second wire using 0.3mm golden copper wire. The result of the bending and shaping should be like the picture. Make any necessary adjustments.

Step 5. Tie the middle part of the shaped wire using 0.3mm golden copper wire. Then, thread one blue Mashan jade bead into 0.3mm copper wire which is still in at middle part of the shaped wire.

Step 6. Continue threading three blue Mashan jade beads into the middle part. After the first three jade beads are attached securely at the shaped wire, continue attaching another seven blue Mashan jade beads. The location of each jade bead can be seen from the picture.

Step 7. Cut a piece of 1.5mm golden aluminium wire. Then, make a hoop at each wire end. Bend the wire so that it will resemble V shape but with one part is longer than the other. After the hooped wire is ready, attach it into the golden spirit shaped wire. Secure the joint using small wire.

Step 8. Attach the blue faceted gemstone bead into the spirit middle part. Then, attach the golden chain as shown from the picture.

Step 9. Insert small drop bead into the golden eyepin and then attach it into the golden chain.

Step 10. Attach 14x10mm blue cat eye drop bead into the golden headpin. Then, attach it into the golden chain.

Step 11. The final result of the spirit earrings are seen from the picture.