How to Make Skull Beaded Bracelet for Men


If you pay careful attention, many actors and rock band singer often wear skull beaded bracelet on many occasions. While it looks mysterious and savage, it actually has a sense of stylish look on it. It looks manly of course, and it is rumored that the ladies love it. Care to wear one? You can start making it yourself in cheap and fast with this instruction below.

Supplies and Tools

  • GS Hypo cement
  • Elastic cutter
  • Elastic, 8 mm, this project uses the black one 12 inches long
  • Brass bead, this project uses silver color
  • Skull bead, this project uses black

Step 1. Measure your wrists and decide on how tight the bracelet to be. Then, using the elastic cutter, cut the elastic string in the desired length. You need to add one to two inches of extra length of the elastic string for you to tie it later. Set aside.

Take the skull beads and thread it one by one onto the elastic string. Make sure the beads are facing the same direction for some consistency on the final look. You can stop threading when the beads are already filling most of the string but ¼ of your desired length.

Step 2. Take the brass bead and thread it on one of the string tips. You can thread some more if you want it. It is highly recommended to add a brass bead after several black beads. It adds color and accent on the bracelet which is nice to look at.

When you are done adding the bead, tie both tips with traditional knot. Make sure you tie it tightly, but not too tight so your wrist can slip on it later easily. It is suggested to tie it several times. In this picture below, the bracelet is finished in four knots. It was stretched so you can see how the knots are.

Step 3. When you are done knotting, it is time to put an extra security to it. In order for the knots not getting loose anytime in the future, apply the GS Hypo glue around the knots generously. This will secure the place.

Then, cut any excessive length of the elastic string to make it tidy. When you are done, slip the glued knots inside the brass bead and let it dry there.

It isn’t hard to find the beads. If you are willing to invest some more cash on it, you can get even more manly and sophisticated beads that will change the entire final look.