How to Make Beaded Tassel


Beaded tassel is a great accessory that can function as a nice decoration around a home and can be used to give some new styles to clothing such as jackets. Tassel can also be used to make various beautiful jewelries like earrings. The good news is tassel is fun and easy to make. Tassel can be made with many color combinations of beads. Make your own beaded tassel by following this tutorial:


  • Ruler
  • Beads
  • Master beads
  • Upholstery thread
  • Beading needle
  • Bead succession

Step 1. Determine the tassel’s length as you desire. After getting the measurement, add roughly three times of the total length you need for the final product. The extra length will give you some rooms to work with tassel head and also trailers.

Step 2. Decide how many trailers you want for the tassel. Most designs use the minimum of nine trailers. However, any number will just work.

Step 3. Cut the thread to the length of the desired number of the trailers. Then, insert the thread’s end through the needle’s eye. Make a knot at one of the thread’s ends.

Step 4. Take your master bead or starter bead and thread it onto the thread’s bottom. Make sure that your started bead is larger as it works as a stopper of the other beads.

Step 5. Next, follow the succession of the beads to make the beads’ length as wanted for every trailer of the tassel. The design is completely up to you. Make it simple, eclectic, colorful, or others. You can also vary the shape and the size of the beads. All depend on the final look you want to see from the beaded tassel.

Step 6. Thread the succession of the beads onto the beads’ trailer. Then, cut the knot off at the upholstery thread’s end. After that, attach one end of trailer. Pull that trailer thru the beads until the trailer’s top come up from the last series of the last beads. Ensure to taut the trailer so that there is no excess length around the strand. To keep all the beads in their position, tie one of the trailer’s end.

Step 7. Repeat doing all the process above for every trailer of the tassel until you get your desired number of trailers.

Step 8. Gather up all the trailers to create the tassel’s head. Knot all of them together and make the knot close to the beads. After that, loop that trailer and then tie it so you can later hang the tassel.

Step 9. Thread the larger bead around the loop’s knot to hide the knot and to give your tassel the final look. You are done!