Spartan Ring and Its Popularity


The design of the Spartan ring is inspired from the Spartan helmet repleting with unique platina. The material for Spartan ring is from sterling silver which is considered as one of precious metals. The battle helmet was worn by king Leonidas during the battle of the Spartans and the Persians. King Leonidas was the powerful king of Spartans and his legendary battle has been remembered and embraced by lots of people.

History of Spartans

The Spartans were the freedom fighters for over the centuries and they had never defeated by Turks or Persians. The bravery of king Leonidas has always become a legend among people nowadays. Many movies have been released to retell the bravery of king Leonidas from Spartan.

Jewelry making

Due to the history of the most notorious and powerful Spartan leader – king Leonidas throughout the history, many jewelry designers try to immortalize the bravery of king Leonidas by making the Spartan ring. This Spartan ring is shaped like the battle helmet worn by king Leonidas.

For people who admire and are acquainted with Greek’s history, they are willing to purchase this ring. One of the jewelry makers is GeoartSilversmith. This shop has made a handmade Spartan ring with high-quality material.

Ring Specifications

The ring is made of high quality sterling silver 925. The design is the helmet used by king Leonidas along with its memorable scars to represent the condition of the battle undergone over the centuries. The color is black and is being stamped inside the ring’s band. The ring is heavy dainty polished and is being coated with black platinum.

Besides this helmet battle design, Geo has made lots of Spartan rings in various designs. Each Spartan ring is uniquely designed to represent the scars of each thermopiles battle. When people are wearing the Spartan ring, they can feel the bravery and the power of king Leonidas. They can also being inspired by him and can be more motivated to do everything.

The helmet dimension of the ring is around 32mm height and 22mm length. It doesn’t use any gemstone. However, you can also request any custom sizes and designs. You can also choose any materials that you want for your Spartan ring.

If you are an ancient Greek freak, you might want to purchase one of the Spartan rings to add into your collection. If you want to have any Spartan jewelry other than rings, you can make it custom made just for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get this black edition of Spartan ring now before it is sold out to other ancient Greek fans.